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Tip of the Day – Cheap London Hotels

Tune Hotels

London is one of the most popular destinations for Irish tourists. Cheap flights with Ryanair are easy to come by but hotels can be expensive.

One recent addition to the London hotel market is Tune Hotels. Their concept is simple – comfortable beds and hot showers!

They call themselves limited service hotels. They’ve got rid of all the usual extras and that’s how they keep their prices low. Rooms in central London start from £45 per night if you book well in advance.

They have 4 hotels in Central London. The rooms are clean but basic. The price covers the bed and ensuite, everything else will cost you extra (even the windows!). They charge extra for:

Continental Breakfast (per person) GBP 5.50
Hair Dryer (unlimited use) GBP 2.00
In Room Safe (unlimited use) GBP 2.00
Towel Rental + Toiletries Kit (UK) GBP 1.50
TV (1 day – UK freeview channels) GBP 3.00
TV (3 days – UK freeview channels) GBP 7.00
TV (unlimited use – UK freeview channels) GBP 10.00
WIFI Internet Connection per device (24 hour period) GBP 3.00
WIFI Internet Connection per device (unlimited) GBP 10.00

So if you’re looking for somewhere literally to sleep and shower then the Tune Hotel is a great bargain.

They also have hotels in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand.

To book a room click here

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Deal of the Day – €100 off flights to the U.S.

Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus is offering €100 per person off return flights to the States.

The offer applies to direct flights to New York, Boston, Chicago and Orlando.

You have to book by 7th April and travel between 1st August and 16th December 2013.

To book click here


Airbnb offer reasonably priced rooms and apartments in all the above cities.

To book somewhere to stay click here

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Beat the Travel Agent – 2nd April 2013

Every Tuesday we are going to take a quote that one of our readers has received from a high street travel agent and see if we can beat the price.

If you would like to take part please email the quote you have received to recessiontraveller@gmail.com

7 nights in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Sign

The quote we are trying to beat today is for 7 nights in Las Vegas from 29th May to 5th June. The price quoted by one of the main American specialist travel agents is €2162 for flights with US Airways and staying in a Park Avenue room in New York New York. On top of the quote is a local resort fee of $140.

We were able find identical flights and hotel room for €1716.81. This is a saving of €445.19. The resort fee of $140 still has to be paid locally, there is no way around this.

We got this price from ebookers.com who offer discounts when you book your flights and hotel at the same time.

To book this or any other package with ebookers please click here.

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Deal of the Day – April Fools?

I got excited when I got this email from STA Travel this morning:

Have you heard of SeatShare™? It’s a brand new booking class developed exclusively for STA Travel, that is set to halve the price of airfares for budget-savvy customers. Starting today, you and a friend (or family member, or complete stranger!) can add the option of SeatShare™ to your flight search, meaning you can split the cost of a single seat!

Yes, you heard that right! SeatShare™ provides you with the chance to save 50% on selected airfares. So, what’s the catch? Here are the main five things to consider, before booking:

•SeatShare™ allows you to split the airfare, but not the taxes (not our fault — blame the world’s governments!)
•SeatShare™ passengers will have to split the baggage allowance (usually 30kg for long haul)
•SeatShare™ passengers must share in-flight meals
•Outside of take off and landing, only one SeatShare™ can occupy the seat at any one time, unless the seatbelt light is switched on
•Only one SeatShare™ passenger can accrue airmiles

What are you waiting for? Find out more today! You’d be a fool to miss it.

To find out more click here

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Tip of the Day – 1st April 2013

“Name Your Own Price” on Priceline.com is a great way to get a hotel at a bargain price. Basically you select the area in a city you want to stay in and name the price your willing to pay. But you only find out the name of the hotel after your offer is accepted and your credit card is charged.

The pros of using this site is that you can make significant savings on regular hotel prices. You are guaranteed the area and the star rating you have selected.

The cons are, once your bid has been accepted it is non-refundable. If you’re not happy with the hotel there is nothing you can do.

I have used this site over 20 times in the last few years and I can honestly say I have only been disappointed with the hotel once. It can be a bit daunting the first time you use it but once you get over the initial fear it can become slightly addictive!

It’s very straightforward to use:

1. Enter the city you’re visiting
2. Enter the dates
3. Enter the number of rooms required
4. You’ll then be shown a map of the city. The city will be divided into several areas and you simply select the area you want the hotel in.
5. Select the star rating you require
6. Enter the price in USD you’re willing to pay per room per night
7. You’ll then be shown a summary of your request and the total price including tax and charges.
8. Then enter your credit card details and if your bid is successful you’ll get instant confirmation and the name of the hotel that accepted your offer.

To make a booking click here

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch

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Something Different for Easter 2014 – 31st March 2013

I know you probably haven’t finished this years Easters eggs but its never too early to start thinking about a trip for next Easter!

If you’re looking for something different to do you might want to consider a trip to Spain next year.

Semana Santa – Seville, Spain

Spain celebrates Easter Week with more passion that most European countries. During the whole of Semana Santa, (Holy Week), street processions are organised in most Spanish towns each evening, from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.

In Seville during this time, there is an almost carnival atmosphere. There is a massive influx of visitors during the week and the streets are packed with revellers. If you’re looking to have a good time but also reflect on the importance of the occassion, Seville could be the place for you.

Due to the number of tourists visiting every year, you need to book this well in advance.

For more information click here

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Tip of the Day – 31st March 2013

Sometimes to get the best deal on a long haul flight you have to spend a few hours or stay overnight in a connecting airport waiting for your flight.

If you ever find yourself waiting around Heathrow, Gatwick or Amsterdam, you should check out the Yotels. You can book one of their Cabins for a few hours or a few days.

I’ve stayed in them on a few occasions and they are very comfortable. They have everything you need – comfy bed, free wi-fi, satellite TV and a full ensuite bathroom. They have to be seen to be believed!!!

The Gatwick Yotel is currently offering 8 hour daytime stays for £27.

All the details can be found here

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Most Welcoming Countries to Visit – 30th March 2013

I came across this article on several websites this week. A new study by the World Economic Forum asked the question, “How welcome are foreign visitors in your country?”

The report found Iceland was the most welcoming nation. Having been there 2 years ago I can definitely agree with that. Everyone we met over there was genuinely nice and went out of their way to help us.

The 10 top and bottom countries are listed below. Let me know if you agree or disagree with the results.

Top 10

New Zealand
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Burkina Faso
*Note that Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ireland and Burkina Faso all scored a 6.6. Also scoring a 6.6: Barbados, Canada, Thailand, Mali, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Malta, Yemen, Belgium and Rwanda.

Bottom 10

Russian Federation
Slovak Republic
*Note that Mongolia scored a 5.5, a score also shared by China, Korean and Saudi Arabia.

If you are interested in visiting Iceland, the easiest way to get their from Ireland is with Wallace Travel. They organise 3 trips a year from Dublin. All the details are here

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Weekend Travel Reading

The weekend is when I like to catch up on the latest travel news. It either inspires me for my next trip or makes me feel very jealous about places which are out of reach at the moment.

Each weekend I will post my favourite articles from during the week.


First up is an article on CNN.com about the best value destinations based on a survey conducted by the UK post office.

Out of 25 cities Budapest came in the cheapest and New York was judged to be the most expensive.

Below is the full list:

Best Value Cities

1. Budapest, Hungary
2. Vilnius, Lithuania
3. Warsaw, Poland
4. Riga, Latvia
5. Lisbon, Portugal
6. Dubrovnik, Croatia
7. Prague, Czech Republic
8. Tallinn, Estonia
9. Istanbul, Turkey
10. Belfast, Northern Ireland
11. Edinburgh, Scotland
12. Berlin, Germany
13. Vienna, Austria
14. Dublin, Ireland
15. Barcelona, Spain
16. Paris, France
17. London, England
18. Bruges, Belgium
19. Amsterdam, Netherlands
20. Rome, Italy
21. Chicago, United States
22. Stockholm, Sweden
23. Copenhagen, Denmark
24. Boston, United States
25. New York, United States

The full article is here

The full survey results are here

I hope this info will come in handy when planning your next trip!

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