Deal of the Day – April Fools?

I got excited when I got this email from STA Travel this morning:

Have you heard of SeatShare™? It’s a brand new booking class developed exclusively for STA Travel, that is set to halve the price of airfares for budget-savvy customers. Starting today, you and a friend (or family member, or complete stranger!) can add the option of SeatShare™ to your flight search, meaning you can split the cost of a single seat!

Yes, you heard that right! SeatShare™ provides you with the chance to save 50% on selected airfares. So, what’s the catch? Here are the main five things to consider, before booking:

•SeatShare™ allows you to split the airfare, but not the taxes (not our fault — blame the world’s governments!)
•SeatShare™ passengers will have to split the baggage allowance (usually 30kg for long haul)
•SeatShare™ passengers must share in-flight meals
•Outside of take off and landing, only one SeatShare™ can occupy the seat at any one time, unless the seatbelt light is switched on
•Only one SeatShare™ passenger can accrue airmiles

What are you waiting for? Find out more today! You’d be a fool to miss it.

To find out more click here

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