Weekend Travel Reading

The weekend is when I like to catch up on the latest travel news. It either inspires me for my next trip or makes me feel very jealous about places which are out of reach at the moment.

Each weekend I will post my favourite articles from during the week.


First up is an article on CNN.com about the best value destinations based on a survey conducted by the UK post office.

Out of 25 cities Budapest came in the cheapest and New York was judged to be the most expensive.

Below is the full list:

Best Value Cities

1. Budapest, Hungary
2. Vilnius, Lithuania
3. Warsaw, Poland
4. Riga, Latvia
5. Lisbon, Portugal
6. Dubrovnik, Croatia
7. Prague, Czech Republic
8. Tallinn, Estonia
9. Istanbul, Turkey
10. Belfast, Northern Ireland
11. Edinburgh, Scotland
12. Berlin, Germany
13. Vienna, Austria
14. Dublin, Ireland
15. Barcelona, Spain
16. Paris, France
17. London, England
18. Bruges, Belgium
19. Amsterdam, Netherlands
20. Rome, Italy
21. Chicago, United States
22. Stockholm, Sweden
23. Copenhagen, Denmark
24. Boston, United States
25. New York, United States

The full article is here

The full survey results are here

I hope this info will come in handy when planning your next trip!

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