Tip of the Day – Cheap London Hotels

Tune Hotels

London is one of the most popular destinations for Irish tourists. Cheap flights with Ryanair are easy to come by but hotels can be expensive.

One recent addition to the London hotel market is Tune Hotels. Their concept is simple – comfortable beds and hot showers!

They call themselves limited service hotels. They’ve got rid of all the usual extras and that’s how they keep their prices low. Rooms in central London start from £45 per night if you book well in advance.

They have 4 hotels in Central London. The rooms are clean but basic. The price covers the bed and ensuite, everything else will cost you extra (even the windows!). They charge extra for:

Continental Breakfast (per person) GBP 5.50
Hair Dryer (unlimited use) GBP 2.00
In Room Safe (unlimited use) GBP 2.00
Towel Rental + Toiletries Kit (UK) GBP 1.50
TV (1 day – UK freeview channels) GBP 3.00
TV (3 days – UK freeview channels) GBP 7.00
TV (unlimited use – UK freeview channels) GBP 10.00
WIFI Internet Connection per device (24 hour period) GBP 3.00
WIFI Internet Connection per device (unlimited) GBP 10.00

So if you’re looking for somewhere literally to sleep and shower then the Tune Hotel is a great bargain.

They also have hotels in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand.

To book a room click here

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