Tip of the Day – 31st March 2013

Sometimes to get the best deal on a long haul flight you have to spend a few hours or stay overnight in a connecting airport waiting for your flight.

If you ever find yourself waiting around Heathrow, Gatwick or Amsterdam, you should check out the Yotels. You can book one of their Cabins for a few hours or a few days.

I’ve stayed in them on a few occasions and they are very comfortable. They have everything you need – comfy bed, free wi-fi, satellite TV and a full ensuite bathroom. They have to be seen to be believed!!!

The Gatwick Yotel is currently offering 8 hour daytime stays for £27.

All the details can be found here

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Most Welcoming Countries to Visit – 30th March 2013

I came across this article on several websites this week. A new study by the World Economic Forum asked the question, “How welcome are foreign visitors in your country?”

The report found Iceland was the most welcoming nation. Having been there 2 years ago I can definitely agree with that. Everyone we met over there was genuinely nice and went out of their way to help us.

The 10 top and bottom countries are listed below. Let me know if you agree or disagree with the results.

Top 10

New Zealand
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Burkina Faso
*Note that Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ireland and Burkina Faso all scored a 6.6. Also scoring a 6.6: Barbados, Canada, Thailand, Mali, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Malta, Yemen, Belgium and Rwanda.

Bottom 10

Russian Federation
Slovak Republic
*Note that Mongolia scored a 5.5, a score also shared by China, Korean and Saudi Arabia.

If you are interested in visiting Iceland, the easiest way to get their from Ireland is with Wallace Travel. They organise 3 trips a year from Dublin. All the details are here

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Weekend Travel Reading

The weekend is when I like to catch up on the latest travel news. It either inspires me for my next trip or makes me feel very jealous about places which are out of reach at the moment.

Each weekend I will post my favourite articles from during the week.


First up is an article on CNN.com about the best value destinations based on a survey conducted by the UK post office.

Out of 25 cities Budapest came in the cheapest and New York was judged to be the most expensive.

Below is the full list:

Best Value Cities

1. Budapest, Hungary
2. Vilnius, Lithuania
3. Warsaw, Poland
4. Riga, Latvia
5. Lisbon, Portugal
6. Dubrovnik, Croatia
7. Prague, Czech Republic
8. Tallinn, Estonia
9. Istanbul, Turkey
10. Belfast, Northern Ireland
11. Edinburgh, Scotland
12. Berlin, Germany
13. Vienna, Austria
14. Dublin, Ireland
15. Barcelona, Spain
16. Paris, France
17. London, England
18. Bruges, Belgium
19. Amsterdam, Netherlands
20. Rome, Italy
21. Chicago, United States
22. Stockholm, Sweden
23. Copenhagen, Denmark
24. Boston, United States
25. New York, United States

The full article is here

The full survey results are here

I hope this info will come in handy when planning your next trip!

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Todays Travel Deal – 29th March 2013

Book a holiday online with Topflight between 29th March – 1st April you’ll get a €60 discount per person. The discount is available on all 2013 holidays including all Italian, Madeira, Explore & Tour holidays.

Click here to book

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Tip of the Day – 29th March 2013

Hotels in major cities can be expensive but there are affordable alternatives. One such alternative is a website called Airbnb. I have used this site on several trips and can fully recommend it.

Airbnb is a community marketplace for people to list, discover and book accommodations around the world. If your budget is tight you can book a room in someones place or if you have a bit more cash you can book an entire house or apartment.

It can work out cheaper than booking a hotel and plus you are fully immersing yourself in the city you are visiting. I’ve used the site to book apartments in NYC and I wouldn’t stay in a hotel there again.

The site has safeguards in place. You pay for your booking directly with Airbnb so your cash is protected. The owner only gets paid after you’ve arrived. If you have any issues there is a 24 hour customer service team and they will assist and mediate if a dispute arises.

So if you’re looking for an alternative to expensive hotels Click Here

As always if you have any questions or comments please get in touch

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Late Deals – Sun Holidays

Someone asked me today if I could recommend any good sites for last minute Sun Holidays. Now to be honest Sun Holidays arent my area of expertise but I can recommend the late deals page on goHop.ie. Check out the below link:

Late Deals

Hope it helps.

Keep your questions coming

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Tip of the Day – 28th March 2013

Daily Deal websites like Groupon and LivingSocial offer cheap eats, nights out and tours while you’re travelling. They are especially good when travelling in the U.S.

It worth signing up to their country sites a month or two before you go. We will post some of the deals we recommend on a daily basis.

Over the years we’ve managed to get steak dinners, all you can drink nights out and city tours for a fraction of the cost.

Here are some daily deals in NYC which caught my eye today:

Dinner with Wine Tasting and a bottle to take home in NYC $49 Click here

Bike Rental in Central Park with Icecream $10 Click Here

Below are some deals in Vegas which are also worth a look:

Party Bus Nightclub Tour (unlimited drinks on the bus!!!) $39 Click Here

Buffet Dinner for 2 with unlimited Wine and Beer $29 Click Here

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